Best Sewing Books You Need to Have
Best Sewing Books You Need to Have

Best sewing books you need to have

Sewing books are a perfect source of knowledge and useful tips for every maker and they can provide useful instructions or inspiration. They can also be wonderful presents for our friends and family or just an easy-to-grab source of everyday inspiration. 

We prepared a list of our top sewing books below. Each publication from our article is a bit different. Some of them focus more on learning how to sew, find the right fabric or where to start with each design. Others can help you to find the best tools like a sewing machine, proper scissors and other accessories that can improve your designs.

Let’s explore our list of top 3 books that can help us to start making beautiful designs using sewing tools and fitting fabric.

1. The Sewing Book

Title The Sewing Book
Subtitle Over 300 Step-by-Step Techniques
Additional information New Edition
Author Alison Smith
Publisher Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Buy at

Book Cover - The Sewing Book  

Our first publication is one of the best sewing reference book with patterns to create at home. It features many photographs to show you how to sew a lot of fun projects. 250 step-by-step sewing techniques will guide you through the process of sewing clothes, bags, making unique gifts, baby accessories or home goods like curtains, pot holders or pillows. It covers both hand and machine sewing with clear instructions, tips and reference photos for all patterns. It’s one of the best books to buy because it delivers beautiful pictures of step by step sewing processes accompanied by clear, extensive descriptions. Each note explains in detail applied techniques, tools and machines used in sewing. 

You can choose from 15 stylish projects and practice your sewing skills. They vary in difficulty level and include garments, home accessories and small projects that would be perfect to make as gifts for your friends and family. With detailed coverage of sewing tools, techniques, and fabric, this sewing book can guide you throughout each step of creating your design in a fun and easy way. You’ll learn how to make pleats, sew zippers, differentiate and choose correct textiles.

This book is our number one because it also contains amazing information about sewing supplies, adjustments on patterns, types of interfacings and seam and there’s even a section about mending clothes and broken zippers. It is written in simple, easy to understand way and even when you’ll find some descriptions more complicated you can always look at big illustrations showing every detail.

It’s a great sewing resource for beginners, students and even more advanced creators with its projects suitable for each level of skills. It can also become a refresher course for those of you who had started sewing years ago, encouraging to go back to DIYing amazing projects at home. Either you need a reminder how to accomplish some sewing steps or you are a beginner, looking for in-depth guidebook to make fitting projects at home, this book will be a must have in your personal library or collection of coffee table books.

We highly recommend this book because just by implementing different techniques supplied by the author you can become a professional seamstress!

2. The New Complete Guide to Sewing

Title New Complete Guide to Sewing
Subtitle Step-By-Step Techniquest for Making
Additional information Updated Edition with All-New Projects
Authors Editors of Reader's Digest
Publisher Reader's Digest Association
Buy at,

 Book cover - New Complete Guide to Sewing

The New Complete Guide to Sewing is a great reference sewing book that brings you everything you need to know to sew your own creations and fashion whether you are a beginner or advanced. With its comprehensive contents and extensive guidance how to sew this book gets our recommendation as a perfect handbook to numerous sewing techniques for all purposes.

It includes easy to read illustrations for each stage of the sewing process. If you sometimes watch video sewing tutorials you may find this book familiar – it’s mentioned in many of posts as one of the most essential books ever created. It’s definitely on top of a list of the most comprehensive books available on market and if you buy it we can guarantee that your copy will be thumbed regularly!

It covers many aspects of sewing, required tools and fabric, how to read and use a sewing pattern or adjust its measurements, different types of stitch and seams and when to use them. Containing instructions for making smart trousers, traditional curtains, a summer dress, clothes and accessories for kids, a beach towel and a fitting guide it’s one of the best sewing books available. There’s also a design for an evening gown that you can wear at a black tie event!

Each project is presented with multiple pictures to support text references. This publication presents tips on how to select the right sewing machine, fabric and the proper technique for each pattern. You will be amazed to see that when you follow the list of easy steps and reference photos you can make perfect and fun projects without the advanced skills required!

The New Complete Guide to Sewing is written in a very accessible language so you shouldn’t worry about your current skills and knowledge. When in doubt you can check the index list at the end and find each demanded sewing method. A lot of people call this book a sewing bible because just by implementing its guidance you can take your sewing skills to the next level and impress your friends with many amazing garments that you are going to make and wear!

3. Fabric for Fashion: The Complete Guide

Title Fabric for Fashion: The Complete Guide
Subtitle Natural and Man-made Fibres
Authors Amanda Johnston, Clive Hallett
Publisher Laurence King Publishing
Buy at,

 Book cover - Fabric for Fashion: The Complete Guide

Fabric For Fashion: The Complete Guide is a book designed to explain the behaviour and properties of different fabrics. It’s always important to match the right fabric for each project to create perfect stitches on chosen fabrics and use the right textile to make the best garments and home decor. This perfect guidebook is a must have for fashion designers and sewing apprentices because each design is determined by how the fabrics work, feel, move and look in a final product. If you want to become a successful seamstress you must understand your materials and use your technical knowledge in your creations.

This amazing book provides a mix of practical information, industry vocabulary and useful tips. It includes essential knowledge about how the fabrics work and how to choose the best one for your sewing project. With its beautiful pictures this book is visually comparing and examining different fabric types, their characteristics and how to exploit each type to use features required for your creations. It helps to understand how to choose materials that match our design by providing a mix of practical information, presenting different fabric types and discussing their usage.

Inside you will find a lot of essential tips for both beginner and advance sewing lovers, making it the perfect textbook for the ones looking to gain insight into secrets of fibres. Stimulate your creativity by looking at high quality photographs of different fashion designers, both past and present, and how they have worked with fabrics to bring to life their most crucial designs. There are even more graphics and images that classify fibres and textiles throughout the chapters.

Suitable both for qualified dressmakers and beginners, this publication will help you make each decision about the right fabric for each project.

Let’s learn more about cloth types and different textile terminology!

4. Fabric for Fashion: The Complete Guide

Title Mending Matters
Subtitle Stitch, Patch, and Repair Your Favourite Denim & More
Author Katrina Rodabaugh
Publisher ABRAMS
Buy at,

 Book cover - Medning Matters

Have you ever wondered how to fix your favourite pair of jeans or an old jacket? The answer is: buy this outstanding book and learn how to give a second chance to your favourite clothes!

Mending Matters takes a different approach from previous books on our list by exploring sewing and mending. Inside it you will find more than 20 projects that show different trends for mending fabric, from modern visible styles to traditional stitching techniques. Divided into four sections: exterior patches, interior patches, slow stitches and weaving for you to choose the right style suitable for your projects.

If you like thinking about fashion in more sustainable way you’ll enjoy Katarina Rodabaugh’s essays, in which she compares mending to mindfulness in sewing and balanced relationship between fashion and environmental problems. Mending can also become an excellent way to reduce your stress level and help you gain more self-confidence by creating unique designs with your own hands. Maybe one day you’ll use some decorative mending stitches and implement them onto your garments and accessories?

Mending Matters offers new perspective on the sustainable fashion community. Broken zipper or a rip won’t be a problem anymore! Get inspired to help your favourite clothes, extend their longevity and maintain a longer relationship with them.

Slow fashion is a big trend in this industry at the moment, whether you are planning to start your own brand or just simply making clothes at home. Mending can also be a useful tool to improve your designs. This book shows different ways to apply patches, even using them as design elements, for example as extra pockets! That can be a creative way to use your scraps and play with different shapes or colours and implement some zero-waste approach to your sewing!

You’ll get inspired to play with crazy thread colour choices, create elaborate patterns with your needle and learn more about embroidery.

This publication is outstanding in so many ways that both beginner and advance sewing fans will find something new and unique!

In our opinion, these are essential books that you must have. Whether you are just starting your adventure with sewing or are already at an advanced level, these sewing books should be in your library.

Please share your home library books in the comments below this post on our fanpage. Recommend publications that will show how to master sewing techniques, choose the right fabric or sew on the sewing machine.

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