How we should use notches?
How we should use notches?

What are sewing notches?!
Sewing notches are the little triangles or markings on your sewing pattern, that help you match
up the pieces. They can be used to show what the seam allowance is and can also be used as
markers along a seam to make sure that the two pieces of fabric will come together correctly
when sewn. They are used to indicate seam allowance, dart arms, the location of design detail
such as pleats, tucks, gathers, hems, pockets or indicate key points on the pattern (like the
center front or center back). Notches will help you know which piece is the front or back, what
seam allowance is required and if there are any special design details such as pleats.

How to notch patterns correctly?
Keep in mind that notches should only be cut at about half-way through the seam allowance
from the edge of the fabric inwards- they are never marked too close to the actual seam line.

What can be a problem?
If you consistently find that you reach the end of sewing a seam with extra fabric on one of the pieces of fabric,
it could be caused by one of these problems:

Your pattern was incorrect.

You did not match your notches correctly.

You did not have enough notches to guide you.

Type of notches on a sewing pattern:
The triangle notch: these notches are found mainly on commercial patterns and most commonly used by home dressmakers. They are easier to see during pinning and stitching.
You have to be very careful not to cut too far through the seam line in the process since it requires cutting of a very
specific triangular shape.
The line notch is mainly used by home dressmakers.

Armhole notches
Front notches are marked with a double notch while those located on the back pieces are marked with double notches.
It's important when you sewing the sleeve!

Keep in mind that the front and back seams that are sewn together (usually side seams) are marked with a single notch
so even though one of the pieces belongs to the back of the garment, a single notch is used to match both front
and back together.

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