How to find inspirations
How to find inspirations

How to find inspirations for sewing

Looking for great sources for fashion inspo? Well look no more, we have everything you need!

We all need inspiration from time to time and in this article, we will provide you with the best inspiration possible, as well as giving you useful info on all things fashion related.

Here’s a list of things to look out for when you’re looking for inspiration on what to wear or on what to sew/DIY.

1. Movies


Movies are a great source of inspiration when it comes to fashion. You may have never thought about it but every outfit you see on TV or in movies was deliberately styled to make the viewer feels a certain way about the character or to match the theme of the movie.

Outfits in movies play a big role. Each is styled to convey a certain era, season, social group and/or to add a certain personality to a character. It’s really cool when you think about it.

Here are 10 best movies that we at Ministry of Patterns think that are iconic for style and perfect for fashion inspo:

  1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)
  2. Almost famous
  3. Sex and the city: The movie (2008)
  4. Bring up baby (1938)
  5. Heathers (1988)
  6. Factory girl (2006)
  7. Vicky Cristina Barcelona
  8. Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)
  9. Ocean’s eight (2018)
  10. The Septmeber Issue

2. Magazines


This may seem a little old school, but that awesome fashion spreads in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and ELLE are in there for a reason!

Clip out any looks that you particularly like and see if you can re-create the look with things you already have in your closet or with your amazing DIY and sewing skills.

Don’t forget to check out advertisements and celebrity spreads, too — these are particularly great for fresh hair and makeup ideas

3. Runways

Runway shows are a great resource for inspiration, and you don't have to go to New York Fashion Week to see them. You can find every major runway show from the last 20 years on Look at as many runway shows as you can. What you see on a runway is a form of art, but in a way, every outfit you style and/or make yourself is a form of art also!

Don’t be afraid to become an artist and to become your own fashion designer. Watching runway shows can really help you become your own personal designer by inspiring you.

Even though some fashion runways can be extreme don't let that put you off. Look at the details and focus on the things that you like in a certain outfit and don’t be afraid to use them as inspiration.

Fashion shows launch every season, specifically the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. This is where the latest fashion trends commence. By watching the newest, most on season shows and getting inspiration from them you’ll always be on trend, but remember to also look at the older shows because they might surprise you. You might find things that you never thought that you’d like. Of course the two most influential fashion weeks are Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, which are both semiannual events, look at photos and videos from these events if you never have seen them before they really are a great sources of inspiration, also don’t forget about the Milan, London and Berlin Fashion Weeks!

Don’t know to navigate through the foreign-sounding names describing specific programs? Check out our mini go-to dictionary:

Haute Couture is a department of luxury tailoring created on client's special order. The term haute couture is protected by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and fashion houses that use this term have a number of rules. They concern a certain number of employees and models and the possession of two studios (one creates suits and the other dresses), but also the technique itself - the creations are hand-sewn and presented as part of at least two collections throughout the year. The show is prepared on a crazy scale and is a closed VIP access show.

Pret a porter (ready-to-wear), or literally ready-to-wear clothes, are runway collections are shown twice a year - spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons. These collections are sewn in series and are presented in the form of a show, recently they have been made available for purchase at the time of the catwalk debut.

Cruise / Resort - an inter-season show of a collection dedicated to the wealthiest who spend the winter months in summer resorts.Typically, the shows include summer clothing and beachwear such as long, breathable gowns, bikinis, and sportswear. They are held in June at various locations chosen by the designers.

Pre fall is an inter-season collection shown between summer and winter shows. During the pre fall shows, an intermediate line between these two seasons is presented, combining summer and winter trends (i.e. something for Italian warm autumns etc.)


Here are some lesser-known designer labels that celebrities are loving - they may really inspire you:

  • Oh Polly – a ready-to-wear label is known for its bodycon dresses, snug co-ord sets and ultra feminine details like ruching, poufy sleeves and a contemporary, vibrant colour palette.
  • BLSSD - Their provoking design aesthetic crossovers between technical sportswear, luxe aesthetic and minimalism to express their version of a refined, contemporary urban style.
  • appapop – funky style with jumpsuits and dresses populating each collection. It’s the next best alternative to your favorite high street brands.
  • I love pretty - Each piece exudes the spirit of passion and romance. Don’t forget that our patterns inspired by the most beautiful looks from runways from from all around the world - just check out our patterns of the week

4. Style blogs

The awesome thing about looking at personal style blogs is that once you find a few whose styles you really identify with, you can refer to their looks over and over again... fashion blogs always show something new and something exciting that you can get amazing inspiration from. Here are some interesting (in our humble opinion!) fashion blogs:

  • edaowafashion - From the classic jeans and a blazer to the not-so-classic printed crop tops and colorful trousers
  • kelseydashmarie - From bold printed Rixo dresses to sleek
  • tailoring, there’s nothing Kelsey-Marie can’t pull off
  • emmarosestyle - if you’re a fan of pretty dresses, this account is definitely for you
  • sabinasovcol - Think 70s Bridgitte Bardot or Jane Birkin, with a modern twist, if that sounds like something of your tasting then definitely check out this blog!

5. Catalogs

Catalogs usually having really original and interesting ways of layering pieces — and even though they probably do that to show off as many of their items as possible in one picture, we love the way it turns out. Just like you would do with any great magazine spread, tear out your favorite looks and keep them all together in an inspiration board or your own personal fashion inspo binder.

6. Instagram

Just a quick look through your favorite Instagram accounts and looking at who your favorite Instagrammers follow might bring up some new inspirations for you to find and use in the styling of your outfits. Spending an hour or so, searching through the most inspirational accounts you know of might help you spot a new bag design you love, a new style of shoe or a pair of trousers you need!


Lastly don’t forget to sing up onto and use platforms such as Pinterest! Pinterest is an app that even high profile designers use. It really helps to gain inspiration... You can search for different photos from magazines, movies and catwalks. You can save them onto your personal style/inspo board and always have them at you fingertip – just whenever you need that little bit of extra inspiration when styling or even sewing your new outfit.

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